Welcome aboard Viking

Restored to its original condition

M/S Viking is Hjejleselskabet’s only wooden boat

With its charming seaside hotel style, it offers a unique and cozy atmosphere. Viking is the perfect place to host your event on board, as the boat provides a fantastic view no matter where you are on deck. Enjoy the nostalgic charm and breathtaking scenery as you sail through the beautiful landscapes.


Since 1923

Viking's story

Viking was built by boat builder M. Christensen, Silkeborg, for Ry Motorbaadselskab/Ry Turistfart. The boat is constructed on the same template as Turisten but is 2 meters longer. Following its launch, Viking sails in regular service along with its sister ship Turisten between Ry and Himmelbjerget.

After the outbreak of the war in 1939, Viking was laid up in 1940-41 due to a prohibition on the use of gasoline. In 1942, Viking had a carbide-gas generator installed, and with the permission of the Maritime Authority, Viking could resume its operations for the remainder of the war.

In 1965-66, Viking underwent renovations where the canopy superstructure was removed, and a new steel and glass superstructure was built from midship to aft, along with a new wheelhouse.

Viking was acquired by Hjejleselskabet and moved to Silkeborg but remained mostly inactive. In 2018, local businesspeople took over the boat with plans for a complete restoration back to its original condition and future operation as a tourist motorboat.


Engine power: 60 hk
Top speed: 8 knots
Max number of passengers: 60
Table seats: 24-28


Both fore and aft decks are under roof.

Your boat with your crew

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Great events last longer than just a single day or evening. They live on in memories and conversations long after. By choosing to host your event on one of the Hjejle boats, you’ve already laid the solid foundation that ensures the event will be a resounding success.