Welcome aboard Falken

The cozy little one in the flock

M/S Falken is Hjejleselskabet’s smallest boat, primarily used for rentals.

Falken is very popular and sets the stage for unforgettable experiences every year. The boat is arranged slightly differently from the others, featuring not only four 4-person tables but also a large oval table inside the salon that can accommodate 10 guests. This allows for a different kind of board meeting or cozy family gathering.

Welcome aboard the company’s small VIP boat.


Since 1909

Falken's story

Falken was built in 1909 and sailed under the name ‘Hohenau’ on scheduled routes between the German North Sea islands and the mainland.

After World War I, Hjejleselskabet was looking for another motorboat for its fleet due to the rising coal prices during the war. Hjejleselskabet purchased Falken for 5,600 marks. Silkeborg Avis wrote upon its arrival that ‘once it receives much-needed paint, it will adorn Hjejlen’s splendid fleet.’

Already in the winter of 1924-25, Falken underwent renovations in dry dock in Silkeborg. The boat’s first decade in seawater had taken its toll on the hull, leading to the replacement of a total of 40 plates.

The most extensive renovation took place in the winter of 1996-97. Falken was taken to Hvide Sande Shipyard and Boat Builders, where a new bottom was welded onto the existing one.


Engine power: 90 hp
Top speed: 8 knots
Max number of passengers: 46
Table seats: 24


Heated salon.
Large windows with nice light and a good view.
Outdoor front deck with seating.

Your boat with your crew

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Great events last longer than just a single day or evening. They live on in memories and conversations long after. By choosing to host your event on one of the Hjejle boats, you’ve already laid the solid foundation that ensures the event will be a resounding success.