The boats are stocked with refreshments

Refreshing drinks and some sweet treats

Toast to great experiences while the beautiful scenery glides by. We have stocked the ship with refreshments, catering to both young and old.

As something truly unique, we offer, among other things, our very own Hjejle beer from Grauballe Bryghus.

Additionally, you can also purchase coffee, tea, various sodas, juice boxes, Ramlösa sparkling water, Hjejle mineral water, Carlsberg lager beer, 1664 Blanc wheat beer, as well as red, white, and rosé wine on board.
Alongside the refreshing beverages, we offer sales of various sweet treats on board, including products from Haribo and Pingvin.

Hjejle specials

Take the experience home and enjoy one of our specially crafted Hjejle products
A unique gin made from the botanicals you can see just outside the windows when sailing with Hjejlebådene. Or Hjejle beer from Grauballe Bryghus, brewed as a classic ale, just like beer was brewed 150 years ago.

You can purchase these unique products on all our boats as well as at our office at Sejsvej 2 in Silkeborg.


Take a piece of the Hjejle adventure home with you!

Discover our unique souvenir collection: stylish caps, practical keychains, elegant umbrellas, beautiful postcards, and much more. Enjoy a taste of our exclusive gin and craft beer, or capture the views with your own binoculars. Perfect mementos from your journey on the lakes of Silkeborg!

ou can buy everything at the Hjejleselskab’s harbor office in Silkeborg.

Give a gift card

When you buy a gift card from us, it can be redeemed for all types of sailings arranged and hosted by Hjejleselskabet.

You can also use the gift card for merchandise and, for example, an annual pass.

ou decide the amount. And if you want to make it extra special, the gift card can be given along with one of our Hjejle specials.