Welcome aboard Mågen

The fleet's big little sister

As the only boat in the fleet, Mågen is allowed to sail year-round.

M/S Mågen, built in 1996, is Hjejleselskabet’s newest boat. The boat is well-designed with its two decks and is particularly suitable for guests with mobility issues, featuring a gangway level with the quay, a handicap-accessible toilet, and a lift.

The boat’s facilities make it very popular for all types of sailings, ranging from cruises on busy summer days and excursions for nursing homes to employee and customer events as well as celebrating special occasions.

Guests enjoy a great view from Mågen’s spacious salon, and sitting on the boat’s lower deck, one experiences everything at water level, which is quite special.

There is plenty of space to move around the boat—outside and inside, upstairs and downstairs—and ample opportunity to enhance the event with music and dance, entertainment, or lectures.


Since 1996

Mågen's story

Mågen was commissioned from Hvide Sande Shipyard due to high demand for a handicap-accessible boat capable of accommodating more than 70 dining guests.

On May 10th, Mågen arrived in Silkeborg and was immediately launched and christened in the harbor before the official trial sailing took place.

For the occasion of Hjejlen’s 150th anniversary, Mågen was adorned with Asger Jorn’s artwork ‘Ælling’ on both sides.

Mågen is a popular boat for all types of events and in the 2018 season, it had the highest number of rentals. Additionally, it was frequently used for sightseeing tours.


Engine power: 190 hp
Top speed: 8 knots
Max number of passengers: 120
Table seats: 100


Bar with countertop space and sink.
Heated salons.
2 regular toilets and 1 accessible toilet.
Sound system for music and microphone for speeches.
Large windows providing excellent views throughout the boat.
Fore and aft decks.

Your boat with your crew

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Great events last longer than just a single day or evening. They live on in memories and conversations long after. By choosing to host your event on one of the Hjejle boats, you’ve already laid the solid foundation that ensures the event will be a resounding success.