Welcome aboard Rylen

A 'young' beautiful lady

M/S Rylen is a younger lady from 1948, and the boat is very popular for summer sightseeing cruises, round trips, and more intimate social cruises with a focus on closeness and coziness.

Events such as confirmations, milestone birthdays, and employee gatherings are among Rylen’s specialties, providing the perfect setting for fantastic experiences in the beautiful Lake Highlands. Guests can sit back and relax on the padded benches with excellent seating comfort inside the salon, or, for those who enjoy fresh air and the sound of waves, there are seats available on the boat’s foredeck.


Since 1948

Rylen's story

Traveling at 4 km/h is slow. This was the pace of Rylen’s journey on a low loader from Aarhus to Silkeborg. The trip took a full 16 hours due to the heavy load.

During Easter in 1951, Rylen transported a horse from Ludvigslyst to Møgelø. What the horse was doing on the island and whether it later redeemed a return ticket is unfortunately not recorded in history.

As the third of the motorboats, Rylen was rebuilt and modernized with a new cabin and wheelhouse, new padded seats, and a new deck.

In 2007, an oil heater was installed on Rylen, allowing the salon to be heated on cool days during the early and late seasons.


Engine power: 133 hp
Top speed: 8 knots
Max number of passengers: 90
Table seats: 42


Heated salon.
Large windows with nice light and a good view.
Outdoor front deck with seating.

Your boat with your crew

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