Evening cruises on the lakes of Silkeborg

A magical summer evening on the lakes

Since this evening sail is conducted as a non-stop round trip lasting 1½ hours without making stops along the way, you will enjoy an uninterrupted and unique nature experience. You are welcome to bring a light dinner aboard. Beverages are available for purchase on board.

Evening cruises are offered from both Silkeborg and Ry during weeks 27-32.

Evening cruises from Silkeborg

Wednesdays in weeks 27-32 – 1½ hours non-stop round trip
When a lovely summer day comes to an end, the steam is still on in Hjejlen’s engine, and you can board for a peaceful evening cruise. The evening cruise departs from Silkeborg harbor, sailing through the charming Remstrup Å, out to beautiful Brassø, through Sejs Snævrigen, and up to the picturesque Paradisøer islands, nestled quietly in a unique corner of the Silkeborg lakes.

Evening cruises from Ry

Thurdays in weeks 27-32 – 1½ hours non-stop round trip
When the tour boat leaves the quay in Ry after a hot summer day, it sets off on a 1½ hour nature experience without interruptions. The boat sails through Birksø, around Laven bay, Alø and Dynæs. There is a view of the old Himmelbjerg and there is plenty of opportunity to experience the diverse wildlife, all the while the bright summer day turns into a quiet summer evening.