Aften oplevelse i Silkeborg - Sejl med Hjejlen

Evening Cruises from Silkeborg

When a lovely summer day draws to a close, there is still pressure in the boiler of Hjejlen, and one can climb aboard, for a peaceful evening cruise. The evening cruise takes one-and-a-half hours and casts off from Silkeborg harbor and charts a course through Remstrup creek. As the boat leaves Remstrup creek, it enters beautiful Brassø and continues through the quaint Sejs Snævring, before sailing around the charming Paradisøer, who lie well-hidden in a quiet and unique corner of the lakes.

Since this cruise is sailed as a nonstop cruise, it does not dock along the way, leaving one to enjoy a one-and-a-half-hour uninterrupted evening cruise.  One may bring along a spot of dinner, to be enjoyed aboard the boat, and we will in turn be sure to have cold beverages aboard.

In 2021, there are 7 evening cruises departing Silkeborg at 18.30:

Thursday 01-07-2021
Thursday 08-07-2021
Thursday 15-07-2021
Thursday 22-07-2021
Thursday 29-07-2021
Thursday 05-08-2021
Thursday 12-08-2021

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Evening Cruises from Ry

As the tour boat, casts off from Ry harbor on a hot summer day, it ventures out on a one-and-a-half-hour uninterrupted nature experience. The boat sails through Birksø, and past Laven, Alø and Dynæs. There is a view to the old Himmelbjerg and there is rich opportunity to experience the diverse wildlife, all while the bright summer day becomes a quiet summer evening. You are welcome to bring your dinner aboard, as we have cold beverages on deck.

There are memories ahead!

In 2021, there are 7 evening cruises departing Ry at 18.30:

Wednesday 30-06-2021
Wednesday 07-07-2021
Wednesday 14-07-2021
Wednesday 21-07-2021
Wednesday 28-07-2021
Wednesday 04-08-2021
Wednesday 11-08-2021

Be sure to check our booking system for extra departures

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