Welcome aboard Turisten

A tourist in the middle of nature

M/S Turisten is a lovely tour boat from 1931 that sails throughout the summer on many sightseeing cruises and smaller social outings, focusing on warmth and coziness.

Turisten calls Ry Harbor home and is an experienced older lady on the highly scenic tours among kingfishers and herons.

Turisten is furnished with four-person tables, and as the only boat in the fleet, she features red benches inside the cozy salon. For those who prefer fresh air and the sound of lapping waves, Turisten’s foredeck invites you to settle in and enjoy.


Since 1903

Turisten's story

On April 25th, Turisten arrived in Silkeborg, back then named Maagen. The local press and several hundred spectators were waiting for the new ship.

Maagen sailed its final trip as a steamship on August 23, 1936, before being converted into a motorboat.

After poor summer weather and visitor numbers in 1974, the board of Hjejleselskabet decided to sell Maagen. In 1975, the boat moved to Ry and was renamed Turisten.

In 2008, Hjejleselskabet acquired Ry Turistbåde, bringing Turisten ‘home’ to the company once again. The boat continues to sail regularly from Ry to this day.


Engine power: 133 hp
Top speed: 8 knots
Max number of passengers: 90
Tableseats: 40


Heated salon.
Large windows with nice light and a good view.
Outdoor front deck with seating.

Your boat with your crew

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