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Nonstop cruise

There are no interruptions on the trip, as the boat sails nonstop without docking along the way. You can call it 1 hour of quality time. You can call it a midday break. You can call it modern mindfulness. No matter what you call it, there are memories in sight.

Departing from Silkeborg harbor, the boat glides gently through Remstrup River – heading towards all things green. On the trip from the narrow river course out into Brassø, you sense the transition from urban life to the feeling of space and air around you. Here, the boat turns around and heads back towards Silkeborg harbor.

Nonstop sailing is from Silkeborg harbor, and as an extra offering, there is nonstop sailing from Himmelbjerget in weeks 28-29-30-31.

Cruises from Silkeborg to Himmelbjerget

Remstrup Å
If you choose a boat tour departing from Silkeborg, the journey starts from the harbor and proceeds through the charming Remstrup Stream, where the forest embraces the water. Here, you experience a gradual transition from the historic Silkeborg town into the varied shades of green and blue of nature, with expansive skies above. The combination of town and nature is a defining characteristic of the experience when sailing on the lakes of Silkeborg.

Brassø – magnificent nature in the Lake District
As the boat slowly glides out of the river mouth, the journey continues into Brassø. Suddenly, the land seems further away, and it’s time to lean back, feel the fresh air, and listen for the splashes as the boat breaks through the clear water of the lake.

I Brassø, you will find the piers with access to Aqua, Silkeborg’s family-friendly nature experience center featuring a freshwater aquarium and animal park.

Borresø – large villas and restaurants in the midst of nature
Once again, you experience a shift when leaving the cozy Sejs Snævring and entering Borresø. Here, the large villas are more withdrawn, positioned high up on the slope well above the glistening water surface, where nature dominates and leaves its mark on the experience.

If you look closely, you will discover a small pier amidst all the greenery on the untouched side of the lake. The pier is the entrance to a gem on the trip, namely Slåensø. Slåensø is one of Denmark’s cleanest forest lakes, beautifully situated in the deep tranquility of the forest. We recommend taking the approximately 4.5 km walk around the lake or settling down with a picnic at the provided tables and benches when visiting this area.

Julsø – mighty Julsø with Himmelbjerget
Once you pass through the tranquil Svejbæk narrows, you arrive at mighty Julsø with Himmelbjerget rising on one side, and the small islands Lilleø, Alø, and Møgelø scattered on the opposite side. Just as you enter Julsø, you’ll find the landing stage at Ludvigslyst located on the port side of the boat.

Traktørstedet Ludvigslyst, with its respect for history and its focus on ecological, local cuisine, is one of the distinctive and flavorful gems of the Søhøjlandet region.

The journey now continues across Julsø, while the magnificent old Himmelbjerg draws closer and closer.

Himmelbjerget – a unique attraction in Denmark

Welcome to the 147-meter high mountain’s magical panoramic view, fascinating history, scenic hiking trails, and plenty of summer fun at the top, as well as a fun playground for the little ones. At Himmelbjerget, there are plenty of opportunities to buy ice cream, food, and drinks.

The historic tower offers a fantastic view. For the tower’s opening hours and prices – read more at

Cruises from Ry to Himmelbjerget

When you set sail on a cruise with a cozy ferry from Ry Harbor, you are completely close to nature. Here, there is peace and quiet, with ample space for reflection.

The journey to Himmelbjerget passes through Birksø and heads towards Laven. Along the densely vegetated shoreline, you can often be lucky enough to encounter the beautiful kingfisher. This colorful bird is very shy, so it requires natural presence and a keen eye to experience it. The heron is almost a constant part of the experience on the voyage between Ry and Laven. This large bird with its impressive wingspan sits more still and is considerably easier to spot as you glide slowly by on the tranquil lake.

Julsø – the largest and deepest lake of the Silkeborg Lakes
On the journey from Laven to Himmelbjerget, you cross Julsø, which is the largest and deepest lake of the Silkeborg Lakes, with a maximum depth of 17.5 meters. On the journey in this part of Julsø, you pass the peninsula Dynæs, which is known from several old legends.

The journey now proceeds across Julsø, while the mighty ancient Himmelbjerg draws nearer and nearer. This 147-meter-high “mountain” is Denmark’s tallest, and it’s ideal to get your pulse racing with a brisk walk after the boat trip. Don’t forget to stop along the way to enjoy the magnificent views of the lakes you’ve just sailed across. At the top of Himmelbjerget, you can truly see everything from above, with a visit to the distinctive tower. The youngest family members can have fun in the play universe at the edge of the forest, and in the kiosks, you can still buy a Himmelbjerg stick, just like in the good old days when grandfather was a boy.

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