Inspiration for your trip

Boat trips with options

There are so many magnificent places in the Lake District that we would love to share with you. Explore, take small trips in nature, or take a whole day out of your calendar and discover Silkeborg, Ry, Himmelbjerget – yes, the entire Lake District. Memories are waiting to be made!

Jump on, jump off, create your own journey
You can combine your boat trip in many ways, such as with a hike along some of the beautiful spots around the lakes, go exploring, bring a picnic basket, take a swim, or visit one of the cozy eateries along the lakes.

Here’s a bit of inspiration for your excursion by land and water in the Lake District:

Put on your hiking boots

Walk out, sail back, or stay overnight in the forest along the way.

There are plenty of beautiful routes around the lakes of Silkeborg, and Silkeborg itself offers lots of inspiration, such as the “Hiking Routes in the Lake District” – read more at

Himmelbjerget – a unique attraction in Denmark

Welcome to the 147-meter high mountain’s magical panoramic view, fascinating history, scenic hiking trails, and plenty of summer fun at the top, as well as a fun playground for the little ones. At Himmelbjerget, there are plenty of opportunities to buy ice cream, food, and drinks.

The historic tower offers a fantastic view. For the tower’s opening hours and prices – read more at

Romantic getaway with a picnic basket

There are plenty of spots along the lakes of Silkeborg where you can find a cozy, secluded spot to just settle down and enjoy life.

In several places, there are also picnic tables with benches, fire pits, grills, toilets, and shelter areas.

For example, try hopping off at Skyttehuset or Slåensø and explore from there …

If the children want a swim

Child-friendly bathing spots abound at many of Silkeborg’s lakes. Make a day of it, pack your swimwear, picnic, and set sail…

We recommend hopping off at places like De Små Fisk, where besides a nice “beach” with a fenced swimming area, there are shelters, tent sites, toilets, and a small kiosk. For more adventure and discovery, hop off at Slåensø, take a short walk through the forest, just follow the small stream to the woodland lake Slåensø, which is Denmark’s cleanest lake.

The fantastic wildlife

It’s no joke that Silkeborg is called Denmark’s Outdoor Capital. The forests around the city and the lakes cover an area of ​​224 km2, making it Denmark’s largest forest area.

In the nature around the Silkeborg lakes, during a boat trip, you might be lucky enough to encounter the otter, the white-tailed eagle, the kingfisher, the grey heron, the roe deer, and many others! Keep a close eye on nature when you sail with us – there are great memories ahead.

Evening cruise

From mid-July until early August, the boats set sail for evening cruises on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 PM. On Wednesdays, departures are from Silkeborg Harbour, and on Thursdays, departures are from Ry Harbour.
Feel free to bring your picnic basket along – there’s a great selection of beverages available for purchase on board – and enjoy a tranquil evening on the lakes.

All the practical details

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