Seværdighed tæt på Aarhus midt i Østjylland

Classic cruises with the Hjejle fleet – experiences for the whole family

There are memories ahead, and experiences for young and old alike, when the eight Hjejle boats cast off and embark on a cruise into the stunning scenery that is the lake district. Regardless of whether we cast off in Ry or Silkeborg, the course is set for Himmelbjerget. Along the way, the boat glides past our small piers, where you are welcome to disembark and explore. The piers are placed strategically, allowing you to disembark a stone’s throw from attractions, eateries and of course, nature.

Our classic cruises can be planned in various ways and adjusted to suite your specific needs. You could for example, spend the whole day on the lakes and sail from Ry to Silkeborg and back again. Or you could sail from Silkeborg to Himmelbjerget and on the way back, disembark at one of our piers, for a museum visit. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can walk to Himmelbjerget and sail back.

Below, you’ll find a brief description of our piers along the route.

Classic cruise from Silkeborg towards Himmelbjerget, along Remstrup creek

If you choose a classic cruise from Silkeborg, the boat casts off from Silkeborg harbor and glides through the cozy Remstrup creek, where the forest seems to envelope the water. Here one slowly senses the shift from city hustle and bustle to the tranquility of nature with all its green and blue nuances. This combination of city and nature is very characteristic of the feeling one gets when sailing on the lakes.

On this first part of the cruise, one passes the piers at Silkeborg Vandrehjem and Indelukket. Silkeborg Vandrehjem, is a hostel known for its relaxed atmosphere, specialty food and the fantastic location close to both city and nature.

Indelukket is a combination of a city park and marina, boasting creek, forest and a direct connection to downtown Silkeborg. The dynamic area houses one of Denmark’s oldest mini golf courses, a motorboat club, a kayak club and an amphitheater. From the Hjejle boats’ pier, it is only a short walk to Museum Jorn and Gudenåens Camping.

Brassø – magnificent scenery in the lake district

As the boat leaves the creek, it enters Brassø. Suddenly, the shoreline is further away and it is time to lean back, breathe the fresh air and listen to the splashes from the boat as its bow breaks the still water.

In Brassø, you will find our pier to Aqua, Silkeborg’s family-friendly freshwater aquarium and animal park.

On the other side of Brassø, toward Sejs, one finds the popular green area De Små Fisk, which is a favorite swimming and day-camping site.  Here it would seem fitting to let loose on the large green lawn with the lake as backdrop, enjoy a fresh dip in the clear lake or buy an ice cream at the kiosk.

After traversing Brassø, the boats glides into Sejs Snævringen. Here one clearly sees how town and nature lie side by side in the lake district, as one passes nature and wildlife on the boat’s starboard side and beautiful villas right on the lakes’ edge on the port side.

Borresø – Large villas and restaurants in the middle of nature

Again, one experiences a shift, as the boat passes through the cozy Sejs Snævring and enters Borresø. Here the grand villas are more secluded, lying not right on the banks, but instead on the steep slopes high above the placid lake. Nature dominates and leaves its mark on the whole experience. Which colors has the forest donned, how many ducklings is mother duck chaperoning and is it misty or a clear blue sky that dominate the vistas?

If one looks closely, one may see a small pier on the opposite side of the lake, hidden amongst all the greenery. This pier is the gateway to a natural pearl, Slåensø. Slåensø is one of Denmark’s cleanest forest lakes. When disembarking here, we highly recommend the 4.5 km. walk around the lake or at least enjoying a picnic at the picnic area by the pier.

In the corner of Borresø, one approaches another narrowing, and the boat slows as it enters Svejbæk Snævringen. Here, one may disembark at either Aalekroen or Skyttehuset located opposite each other.

Aalekroen entices one with its superb location, right on the lakeshore. On the menu, they offer everything from modern Danish classics, to their famous fried eel and fried bacon with parsley sauce. Opposite Aalekroen, across the lake lies one of the area’s most popular campsites, with fine amenities and a fabulous location.

Julsø – Mighty Julsø with Himmelbjerget

After passing through the peaceful Svejbæk Snævring, one enters the mighty Julsø. Himmelbjerget rises dramatically on one side, as the small islands Lilleø, Alø and Møgelø are placed like drops on the other side.

The eatery, Ludvigslyst is a pearl of the lake district, serving up tasty and unique dishes, whilst paying homage to the local area’s history and produce.

The boat now navigates Julsø, as the mighty and ancient Himmelbjerg towers above the lake, drawing closer and closer. At the foot of Himmelbjerget, lies the dock, where the Ry and Silkeborg boats dock.

Himmelbjerget – unique attraction in Denmark

The 147-meter “mountain” is one of Denmark’s highest points, and is a popular place to get one’s pulse up with a brisk walk. Don’t forget to stop along the way, to take in the majestic views of the lakes. On the top of Himmelbjerget, one can really get a bird’s eye view of the landscape from the tower. The family’s youngest members can romp on the nearby playground and in the surrounding kiosks, one can still buy the Himmelbjerg walking stick, just as countless generations before have done.

Classic cruise from Ry to Himmelbjerget

When one casts off on a classic cruise from Ry, one is immediately immersed in nature. There is room for peace, quiet and contemplation. The cruise from Ry traverses Birksø, with a course set for Laven. In the dense vegetation along the banks of the lake, one can be lucky enough to spot the beautiful blue kingfisher. This beautiful bird is very shy, so it takes presence and a watchful eye if one wants a chance at spotting this rare bird. The heron on the other hand, is a frequent sight along the route, with its great wingspan it is much easier to spot. The only pier the boat passes between Ry and Himmelbjerget is the station town of Laven. The town lies on a very steep slope, and thus has unspoiled views across Julsø, towards Himmelbjerget. Here one also finds Denmark’s highest campsite, Terassen Camping. Due to its elevation it enjoys exceptional views, whilst its location between Ry and Silkeborg makes it easily accessible.

Julsø – the largest and deepest of the Silkeborg lakes

On the cruise from Laven to Himmelbjerget, the boat traverses Julsø, which is the largest and deepest of the Silkeborg lakes, with a maximum depth of 17.5 meters. On the final leg of this traversal, the boat passes Dynæs, which is known from several old legends.

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