Seværdighed tæt på Aarhus midt i Østjylland

The Fleet

Hjejleselskabet has existed since 1861 and presides over a fleet of eight historical vessels.

Built in 1861, Hjejlen is the pride of our fleet. She is the world’s oldest coal powered, paddle steamer, and operates just as she would have over 150 years ago. She offers indoor and outdoor seating, but no tables. So, if you want to bring a packed lunch, you may want to wait until you reach Himmelbjerget before unpacking your picnic.

Hjejlen i den smukke natur
Hjejlen in the beautiful nature

 Hjejlens maskinrum og fyrbøder på arbejde

Hjejlen’s engine


Ternen is from 1896 and is our oldest propeller-driven vessel. She can accommodate 85 guests, who can take in views from the outdoor deck or the indoor salon.

Ternen - Den


Turisten sails from Ry and was built in 1903 and accommodates 100 guests. She offers great views from both the panorama windows of the salon and from the outdoor bow deck.

Turisten - Båden i Ry


Falken was built in 1909 and accommodates 46 guests. She is a popular choice for meetings, with her newly renovated teak and brass interior.

Oplevelse i Østjylland på Silkeborgsøerne


Hejren is likewise from 1909 and is the biggest member of our fleet, with room for 200 guests. Until 1965, she was driven by two steam engines and is a popular venue for receptions, offering both bow and stern outdoor decks.

Et flydende festlokale


Tranen was built in 1931 and accommodates 100 guests. She is a classic cruising boat, with large panorama windows and benches. So just like Hjejlen, there are no tables and it may therefore be easier to wait with the picnic, until you reach Himmelbjerget or another scenic destination along the route.

Tranen - Den traditionelle turbåd


Rylen was built in 1948 and accommodates 100 passengers. She offers tables, benches, and large panorama windows in the salon. You can also enjoy the views from the bow deck.

Rylen - En båd til lidt af hvert


Mågen is our newest fleet member, she was built in 1996 and offers handicap accessibility. She has a boarding ramp; wheelchair lift to the salon as well as a handicap toilet. With her more modern facilities, teak and brass interior and large bow and stern decks, she is also a popular choice for parties and receptions.

Handicap venlig båd til sejltur

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About Hjejleselskabet

Hjejleselskabet is your gateway to the lake district. A unique access point to stories of culture and natural history about one of Denmark’s most stunning natural areas.

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