Rundtur sejltur på Silkeborg søerne

Nonstop Cruises

Welcome aboard for a break on the lakes. When Hjejleselskabet’s cozy boats sail nonstop cruises from Silkeborg harbor, nature frames one hour of quality time for big and small alike. The nonstop cruises are a shorter alternative to our classic cruises, and entice one to lean back and spend the hour tuning in to one’s senses and being present with those one holds dear.

Having chosen one´s seat, either in the salon with the panorama windows or outside on the front deck, the boat glides calmly from the harbor through Remstrup creek, charting a course towards all the greenery. Life along the creek is a wonderful mishmash of happy canoers, mother duck with her ducklings, kayakers, the local Silkeborgensere in their gardens right on the waterfront, and of course the other nostalgic sister boats of the Hjejle fleet.

Gliding from the narrow creek, out into Brassø, one senses the difference between the bustle of the city and the feeling of wide, open spaces.  From here, the boat turns back towards Silkeborg harbor.

Note that this cruise does not dock along the route, nor does I pass Himmelbjerget.

Seværdighed i Silkeborg på vandet

Classic Cruises

Tranquility envelopes you, as the boat casts off from shore. We are all aboard – in the same boat. Learn more about our classic cruises here.

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Oplev silkeborg om aftenen med en sejltur

Evening Cruises

The last rays of golden summer sun strike the placid lake, as the boat slowly breaks the surface. Learn more about our evening cruises here.

seværdigheder i østjylland og Aarhus
Kort sejltur på silkeborgsøerne

Nonstop Cruises

Discover Silkeborg from the waterside, with a one-hour cruise; a shorter cruise, but still with big sights. Learn more about nonstop cruises here.

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Plan your Visit

Pre-booking, parking, disability access? You may have a number of questions regarding your visit – find the most common questions and answers here.

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About Hjejleselskabet

Hjejleselskabet is your gateway to the lake district. A unique access point to stories of culture and natural history about one of Denmark’s most stunning natural areas.

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Hjejleselskabet’s crew have put together some fantastic outings in the lake district. Get inspiration and book your next adventure here.
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Charter a Boat

The possibilities are endless, when hosting an event aboard one of our historical vessels